Tested Materials

Quality & Value

Lester Buildings has been a trusted source for high performance buildings since 1947. Today, “Lester” is synonymous with top quality and functionality – at an affordable price. We provide maximum value for your investment.


Engineered. Tested. Proven.

There are no shortcuts to quality and durability. We rely on a team of professional engineers to ensure every component is designed for quality, safety and compatibility. We expect the same from our suppliers.

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Manufacturing Expertise

All manufactured items are made per order, true to the plan. To ensure accuracy, we use controlled systems for cutting, assembly, packaging and construction.
We keep our machinery safe and efficient with continual investments in modern technology.

The Lester Team

Every project is backed by a dedicated team, from sales people and drafters to project managers and drivers. And we employ certified engineers to provide stamped drawings, when requested. Plus, you can trust we’ll be here for service after the sale, if needed.

Construction Efficiencies

Lester provides a highly designed and manufactured framing package to speed up construction, minimize errors and reduce waste.

Precut and Notched Lumber Many components are precut. Some components are fabricated with holes and notches to aid in placement and fastener installation. These specialized components allow rapid, accurate construction of a Lester building.

Color-Coded Lumber Our color coding system simplifies locating parts, and it ensures that builders use the correct grade of material for each end purpose.