Meeting unique challenges.

Lester Buildings has manufactured thousands of modern livestock buildings. We understand the unique challenges producers face, foremost, is balancing the multiple demands of animal health and productivity, equipment, waste management and future expansion.

Dairy Needs

Dairies have been a Lester specialty since 1947, not just a sideline. In fact,we’ve manufactured thousands of dairy structures, from small, single building expansions to large, multi-site commercial-style operations for some of the  country’s largest dairy producers.

Hallmark Engineering: right-the-first-time engineering expertise

Structural Integrity: high-quality, rugged materials for 24-7 freestall facilities

Long-Term Value: excellent return on investment compared to other options

Large Herds: experience with large, complex, multi-building operations

Ventilation: abundant air flow for herd and worker health

Beef Needs

Our popular monoslope beef barns offer the perfect combination of structural  integrity, shelter, ventilation and waste conversion.

Flexible: custom design can accommodate pens, gates, expansions

Cross Ventilation: opens sides allow excellent air flow

Roomy: long span central header minimizes interior columns

Hog Needs

Lester offers many options to ensure the safety, health and productivity of your hog operation. We’re experienced in building facilities for breeding/gestation, farrowing, nurseries, and finishing.

Customized: design flexibility lets you decide on ideal layout and materials

Ventilation: Lester can work with any ventilation system you choose

Specialty materials: insulation design endures high moisture-high humidity environments

Business Add-Ons

Today’s operations require sharp management. Collaborate with your Lester builder to augment your livestock building with office areas, employee break rooms, restrooms, showers and records storage.