Engineered Materials

No Weak Links.




A strong building begins with a strong foundation. The weight of the typical post frame building is often not sufficient to resist uplift forces caused by lateral loads or wind. Lester Buildings are anchored to provide the required uplift capacity, either to a foundation or below grade.


Whether you choose clear span roof trusses or rafters; flush wall girts or continuous - rest assured, the shell of your building will stand the test of time. Now that's structural integrity.


Lester never takes lumber selection lightly. Our engineers use a sophisticated lumber grading system to decide what wood species, grade and strength best suits each column, girt and purlin. We know what we’re buying, because we only use stamped lumber. You’ll see your lumber grade on your final contract.

 Steel Panels

Lester Buildings are sheathed with our exclusive steel panel design, roll-formed at our plant in Charleston, Illinois. There are five aspects of the panel - from its thickness to the paint system used - all of which play a role in its strength, durability and appearance. Our specifications are held to a high standard to ensure fit and function for many years.

 Fasteners & Connections

Fasteners may seem like a minor detail. Not at Lester. We carefully select screws, nails and other types of fasteners to meet several criteria: load requirements, galvanized coating requirements, thread pattern, length, and head diameter. 

Doors & Windows

Lester Buildings gives customers the convenience and confidence of buying their building, doors and windows from a single supplier. This fully integrated approach means cost savings and smoother function over time.

 Insulation & Vapor Barriers

Your independent Lester dealer/rep will discuss all potential end-use applications of your building to determine the best moisture-prevention plan. In many cases, proper ventilation will prevent moisture issues and streamline the products needed.

 Accessories & Other Finish Options

Endless options. Save on your energy costs by allowing natural light into your building with our heavy-duty, clear acrylic eave panels. Add to your curb appeal with brick or stucco. Sound-proof your machine shop. Incorporate a wash bay in your horse barn or hobby shop.